Ground Gun Control FULL RETENTION

“You can only fight the way you practice” – Musashi

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Protect, Retain, Control, Disarm, Submit, and Restrain.

GUN RETENTION AND DISARMING TRAININGThe original Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu-based ground training with 100% focus on Weapon Retention.

Statistics already proved that most of the assaults on an LEO will end up on the ground. While the officer must abide by a rigid set of policies and laws in ground fighting, the suspect does not. Officers are not being successfully trained in martial arts, but instead, rely on submission holds and esoteric positions. Officers should be trained in simpler and more applicable suspect control and officer defense methods.  The key components in every police ground fight are weapon retention, striking defense, and of course defense against sharp objects. Rules to live by are to remain engaged while winning and disengage when losing, and as Cops, we also need to be aware of multiple suspects. The Ground Weapon Control class gives Police Officers the best weapon retention options in all the main grappling situations, how to disarm and control a suspect on the ground, and How and When to draw their duty weapon safely. 

Ground Gun Control

Class Performance objectives: Present multiple technique options for weapon retention and safety weapon draw.

  • Weapon retention and the ground fighting
  • Grappling and Disarming
  • When and How to Draw your duty weapon
  • The WR knife use

Hours: 12 (2 Days course) 

Equipment: Mats room, PT uniform or athletic clothes, Duty Belt (flashlight, empty mags, cuffs, pen), rubber handgun (blue gun) or similar training pistol. Optional training knife, or similar.


    Body and warrior mindset (Warm-up)

  1. Safety check
  2. Full body mobility stretching
  3. The 1, 2, 3 before the technical stand-up, radio (Not punishment)
  4. No mechanical device should replace training
  5. The breathing rule (mindset)
  6. Voice of command (mindset)
  7. Understanding the WR deadly force (Mindset policy)
  8. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu makes you look better on camera (mindset)
  9. Pain compliance (mindset)
  10. The 4 directions breaking fall easy drills 
  11. Safety distance and stance would solve all our problems (mindset)
  12. Foot Work, how to move and distance management
  13. Warm-up front and back roll with bridges
  14. Warm-up disarming drill opposite slapping
  15. Warm-up disarming drill level, Grab and push up
  16. Technique pressure test (mindset)
  17. Warm-up stand-up drill (A Push palm strike, angle draw (don’t shoot your hands!), B gun grab. An uppercut retention wiggle to strike repeat) (Bonus Technique from Clinch retention class)
  18. Forward strike, twist pull, elbow, elbow, cano strike, rack (Bonus Technique from Clinch retention class)
  19. Understanding bottom defensive guard fundamentals (understanding distance manipulation, Retention, and striking defenses)
  20. Bottom Guard warm-up drills (Recovery and control fundamental drills/frame recovery to turtle recovery)
  21. Guard against a standing-up suspect (Distance control and when/how to stand up)
  22. Ankle sweep
  23. One-leg LEO sweep with floor WR
  24. (Bottom closed guard) and LEO modified S. Sweep (Choke Defense)
  25. (Bottom closed guard) and LEO modified S. Sweep (WR)
  26. (Bottom closed guard) Bottom Draw from the guard (Drag draw)
  27. (Bottom closed guard) Bottom Head and Arm guard draw
  28. (Bottom closed guard) The K sweep on (Gun Grab) 
  29. (Bottom closed guard) K game on WR (Optional OMO for retention)
  30. (Bottom closed guard) pistol disarming (changing direction and disarming)
  31. (Side Control) top vs bottom (Different reactions and natural mistakes)
  32. (Top Side Control) and retention and which side is your gun (mindset)
  33. (Top Side Control) for retention and disarming (under arm and leg opening the arm, knee biceps controls)
  34. (Top Side Control) Gun grab, holster uppercut, knee on the arm, windshield, ns, K
  35. (Top Side Control) (Underarm game and double under mount)
  36. (Top Side Control) Knee on belly for control vs mount (policy)
  37. (Mounted) How to stay and control, knee up for retention on the gun grab
  38. (Top Side Control) Gun grab, floor WR, modified 100k, mount and gun control
  39. (Bottom Side Control) cross gun grab, retention, and G recovery
  40. (Top Side Control) Floor wr to NS hip bone retention to kimura
  41. (Bottom Side Control) Holster uppercut for G recovery (both sides)
  42. (Top Side Control) Americana from SC vs mount for disarming and restraining (gun grab vs wrist control)
  43. Arm lock Top weapon retention and restraining
  44. Mount escape trapping
  45. Mount escape, weapon retention to 1/2
  46. How to draw from the mount (halfway to the back) (advanced)
  47. (Guard Top) defensive fundamentals
  48. (Guard Top) for retention and disarm (DBPP, 1arm control)
  49. (Guard Top) pass vs gets out and why (draw, multiple, retention, stab) (Push the knee down vs strike to open and pass)
  50. (Bottom Half Guard) positioning (small, frame and underarm, biceps control)
  51. (Bottom Half Guard) frame recovery (gun side up)
  52. (Bottom Half Guard) back take (gun side down)
  53. (Top Half Guard) body positioning (my gun side top vs bottom)
  54. Knife retention (staging, drawing, gripping, and striking)
  55. Don’t bring your knife to the fight (Mindset)
  56. Mags and WR (violence of action to survive)
  57. Flashlight stage and retention drill
  58. Handcuffs stage, location, and retention tool
  59. D1 (fall draw, distance management get up draw) 
  60. D2 (OA pass, OA 100 modified, OA mount. OB escape with floor 1/2 back take retention to draw)
  61. D3 (Striking angles with a handgun) BONUS FROM CLINCH RETENTION CLASS
  62. Fight for life Level 1 retention
  63. Fight for life Level 2 retention/disarm
  64. Fight for life Level 3 retention/disarm/strikes
  65. Fight for life Level 4 retention/disarm/strikes/blades

*Soon, video guide for the entire course. 

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