Pistol Clinch and Weapon Retention

Pistol Clinch and Weapon Retention

GUN RETENTION AND DISARMING TRAININGThe pistol is the primary weapon for any Law Enforcement Professional.  Being proficient with your service pistol is as important is to learn how to keep it, avoiding disarming. According to the FBI statistics (Table 13), about 5.1% of cops felonious killed in the ten years 2002-2011 were killed with their own guns. Weapon Retention is fundamental and has improved with better training and the widespread use of high-security holsters.

  • Of the 48 officers felonious killed in 2019, most (44) were killed with firearms. Of these, 34 were killed with handguns. (See Table 28.)
  • 10 officers fired their weapons; 6 officers attempted to fire their weapons. (See Table 18.)
  • 14 officers were slain with firearms when they were less than 5 feet from the offenders. (See Table 32.)

Pistol weapon retention certification is a highly recommended class for all departments. Over 40 techniques were created, and pressure tested by Professor Andre Quiles.  First to create a full long gun curriculum incorporating the Protect, Retain, Control, Disarm, Submit and Restrain System and now updated with the specialized Pistol full retention class.  Every scenario on the clinch/pistol retention is explored. Starting from the clinch fight and clinch retention to the gun control. Strikes for weapon retention, and backup retention tools. Retention with transition drills. Fundamental class for any Law Enforcement Professional.


Class Performance objectives: Present multiple technique options for long weapon retention.

  • Clinch fighting and Pistol retention.
  • Striking and distance control.
  • When and how to use backup retention tools.
  • Secondary improvised weapon on a retention scenario.

Hours: 6

Equipment:  Mats room, PT uniform or athletic clothes, Duty Belt (flashlight, empty mags, cuffs, pen), rubber handgun (blue gun) or similar training pistol, empty mags or training mags, and flashlight. Optional training knife, or similar.


  1. Safety check
  2. Full body mobility stretching
  3. The 1, 2, and 3 before the technical stand-up, radio (Not punishment)
  4. No mechanical device should replace training
  5. The breathing rule (mindset)
  6. Voice of command (mindset)
  7. Understanding the WR deadly force (Mindset policy)
  8. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu makes you look better on camera (mindset)
  9. Safety distance and stance would solve all our problems (mindset)
  10. Fighting Stance
  11. Footwork and distance management
  12. Avoiding the ground
  13. Warm-up front and back roll with bridges
  14. Warm-up toureiro (ole’) drill avoiding the gun grip
  15. Palm in drill with retention
  16. Warm-up disarming drill opposite slapping (FINGER BREAKER) 
  17. Warm-up disarming drill Level down, Grab, and push up (dive up technique) 
  18. Warm-up stand-up drill (A Push palm strike, angle draw (don’t shoot your hands!), B gun grab. An uppercut retention wiggle to strike repeat) (Bonus Technique)
  19. Forward strike, twist pull, elbow, elbow, cano strike, rack (Bonus Technique)
  20. ArmDrag Gun side
  21. Gun grab upper cut retention and exit direction
  22. Gun grab striking retention (Knee)
  23. Gun grab striking retention (elbow on uppercut retention)
  24. Wall retention/Floor
  25. Gun grab with cross grip (body armbar)
  26. Gun grab same side combo (grip stop and frame/grip break/armdrag drill)
  27. Stand up K with a foot sweep
  28. Stand up K with foot sweep (avoiding Back)
  29. Gun grab barrel down drill (breaking sleeve grip with wrist knee push)
  30. Holster uppercut technique
  31. Knife retention (staging, drawing, gripping, and striking)
  32. Don’t bring your knife to the fight (Mindset)
  33. Mags and WR (violence of action to survive)
  34. Flashlight stage and retention drill
  35. Handcuffs stage, location, and retention tool
  36. drills and reviews  
  37. M retention specific (switch rolls)
  38. SC retention specific (switch rolls)
  39. G retention specific (switch rolls)
  40. Back retention specific (switch rolls)
  41. Avoiding the ground Drills (levels)
  42. Fight for life Level 1 retention
  43. Fight for life Level 2 retention/disarm
  44. Fight for life Level 3 retention/disarm/strikes
  45. Fight for life Level 4 retention/disarm/strikes/blades

Soon, video guide for the entire course.

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“You can only fight the way you practice” – Musashi