Long Gun CLINCH and Ground RETENTION

Protect, Retain, Control, Disarm, Submit, and Restrain.

Long Gun Clinch and Ground Retention

GUN RETENTION AND DISARMING TRAININGThis a highly recommended class to all departments. Over 60 techniques were created and pressure tested by Professor Andre Quiles.  First to create a full long gun curriculum incorporating our Protect, Retain, Control, Disarm, Submit and Restrain System. Every scenario on the rifle, carbine, and shotgun retention. Starting from the clinch fight and clinch rifle retention to the full grappling gun control. Strikes for weapon retention, and backup retention tools. Retention with transition drills. Ideal for any rifle operator and CQB scenarios.


Class Performance objectives: Present multiple technique options for long weapon retention.

  • Clinch fighting and long gun retention.
  • Rifle striking and distance control.
  • Grappling and rifle retention.
  • When and how to use backup retention tools.
  • Secondary weapon on a rifle retention scenario.

Hours: 12 hours (2 days course)

Equipment:  Mats room, PT uniform or athletic clothes, Duty Belt (flashlight, empty mags, cuffs, pen), rubber gun (blue gun) or similar training rifle, carbine or shotgun. Optional training knife, or similar.


  1. Safety check
  2. Full body mobility stretching
  3. The 1, 2, and 3 before the technical stand-up, radio (Not punishment)
  4. No mechanical device should replace training
  5. The breathing rule (mindset)
  6. Voice of command (mindset)
  7. Understanding the WR deadly force (Mindset/policy)
  8. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu makes you look better on camera (mindset)
  9. Warm-up the 4 directions breaking fall easy drills 
  10. Warm-up front and back roll with bridges
  11. Safety distance and stance would solve all our problems (mindset)
  12. Technical rifle stand up (fetal/double shot/lunge)
  13. Muzzle awareness on the fight (mindset)
  14. Pull the trigger decision (mindset)
  15. Safe manipulation on WR or 10 push ups
  16. Barrel grab defensive power stance
  17. Drill barrel grab. Pull and give/strike
  18. Barrel grab and wall retention for secondary
  19. Understanding sling manipulation vs retention. (Shooting vs climbing the latter, striking)
  20. Sling swimming motion drill.
  21. Rifle striking angles and sling distance.
  22. Striking (straight, mag, downward, upper, stock/elbow “muzzle”)
  23. Drill stand-up drill (Grab, circle, stab) (drill same on virando esquina).
  24. Rifle double grab and the knee pull strike. (Muzzle control).
  25. Upper cut retention and exit direction
  26. Drill Upper cut retention, (1 shot/malfunction), gun mag striking retention.
  27. Rifle/mag as a shield/deflector.
  28. Understanding bottom Defensive Guard fundamentals (understanding distance manipulation, Retention, and striking defenses)
  29. Bottom Guard warm-up drills (Recovery and control fundamental drills) 
  30. Aggressive GT for retention (retain, strike and exit)
  31. GT pass vs get out and why (draw, multiple, retention, stab) (Push the knee down vs strike to open and pass)
  32. Aggressive GB Open, for retention (retain, strike and exit)
  33. Bottom Closed guard striking defenses (weapon as a shield)
  34. Bottom Guard (K S. Sweep on the gun grip)
  35. Side Control top vs bottom (Different reactions and natural mistakes)
  36. SCT (retention and weapon, striking. (Control vs exits)
  37. SCB (retention and weapon as a shield, G recovery)
  38. MT (retention, strikes, knee on belly exits vs restraining)
  39. MT (americana control)
  40. Side control and knee on the belly/back (policy)
  41. MB (retention and escape direction) bump
  42. MB (retention and escape direction) ½ to Guard
  43. Arm lock from SC as a weapon retention and restraining
  44. Arm lock Mount weapon retention and restraining
  45. One leg LEO sweep
  46. How to draw from the mount (halfway to the back)
  47. The violence of action on retention (any tool mindset).
  48. Don’t bring your knife to the fight (Mindset).
  49. Knife for retention (staging, drawing, gripping, and striking).
  50. Mags and W retention (violence of action to survive).
  51. Handcuff’s stage, location, and retention tool (Mindset).
  52. Flashlight stage and retention drill.
  53. D1 (fall draw, distance management get up draw)
  54. D2 (turtle, guard, tight, kimura retention, let go, scissors/butterfly sweep, arm across from mount, knee on belly, back up draw (multiple, surprise weapon))
  55. D3 (A pass, 100 modified, mount. B escape with floor 1/2 back take retention to draw)
  56. D4 (A Bottom guard, B draw, A disarm, B gun Grab, A gun retention)
  57. D5 (Striking angles with a handgun)
  58. Fight for life Level 1 retention
  59. Fight for life Level 2 retention/disarm
  60. Fight for life Level 3 retention/disarm/strikes
  61. Fight for life Level 4 retention/disarm/strikes/blades
  62. Pistol  stand-up drill (A Push palm strike, angle draw (don’t shoot your hands!), B gun grab. An uppercut retention wiggle to strike repeat) (Bonus Technique)
  63. Pistol Forward strike, twist pull, elbow, elbow, cano strike, rack (Bonus Technique)

Soon, video guide for the entire course.

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“You can only fight the way you practice” – Musashi