Weapon Retention for Civilians

In 2021 there have been 21.52 million concealed weapon permits issued in the United States.  81.4 million, The estimated number of adult Americans who own a firearm.

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If you carry a firearm you need to learn how to use it, be ready to use it if self-defense is necessary, and be able to keep it if someone tries to take it from you. 


The Class: Provide a fundamental technique on the basic civilian weapon retention scenario.

Time: 3 hours

Equipment: Holster and plastic/rubber training gun. 

  1. Safety Check
  2. How to choose your holster
  3. Where to carry and why
  4. Situation Awareness
  5. Conceal vs open carry and why
  6. De-escalation
  7. Quick warm-up 
  8. Disarming Drill wrist-to-palm warm-up 
  9. Distance management 100%
  10. Gun grab and level of force
  11. Surviving mindset
  12. Frame and push drill
  13. Palm in and hold drill
  14. Wall retention
  15. Kimura stand-up retention
  16. Stand up Cross grip arm bar retention
  17. Hold and wrist retention
  18. Gun grip from behind, hold, holster bent, to turn and fight
  19. Knife WR
  20. Objects as a tools WR
  21. Upper Cut WR
  22. Close Guard Kimura
  23. Open Guard Draw
  24. Mount floor retention
  25. Pistol stand-up drill (A Push palm strike, angle draw (don’t shoot your hands!), B gun grab. An uppercut retention wiggle to strike repeat) (Bonus Technique)
  26. Pistol Forward strike, twist pull, elbow, elbow, cano strike, rack (Bonus Technique)
  27. Drill 1 Frame, push, strike and draw (keep moving)
  28. Drill 2 Home Barrel Grab, Upper, push strike, push strike circling (malfunctions)
  29. Drill 3 Wall, frame, switch spot and draw
  30. Drill 4 Sitting Drill(hold, holster bent, switch grip, up, turn)
  31. Drill 5 Neck grap from behind and gun grab. (Osoto drill)