Today, a gap exists between hand-to-hand combat, weapon retention, and disarming. 
We aim to bridge that gap b
y utilizing modern and field-tested combat tactics. We train law enforcement agents who are serious about their own safety. I use 100% customized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu adapted for Law Enforcement.

Each class has a Technical and Tactical component with a professional mindset. Each course revisits and blends the human weapon system theory with a 100% focus on Weapon Retention. Professor Andre Quiles created the Protect, Retain, Control, Disarm, and Restrain. Emphasis is on how to protect ourselves from a sudden attack following the natural order of an assault on a police officer. 

Our system was created using the simplest and most effective techniques and evolved from the same training taught by Professor Andre Quiles in his DT classes. The goal is to ensure that every officer is able to learn and be effective in his own protection, retention, and arrests. It will make your Law Enforcement professionals safer, regardless of experience. 

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Any Department or Gym can host our Seminars. 
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  • Active Martial Arts practitioner. 

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  • Affiliated Teams/schools have access to our Weapon Retention Systems through comprehensive Class Operations and teaching methodology.
  • Instructors must be certified through our Instructor Certification Program. All Weapon Retention certified schools Instructors who complete the certification program receive a Weapon Retention Certification and can order a copy of the instructor’s handbook. 
  • Access to our Weapon Retention whatsapp group to stay connected to other schools to exchange information, train together, and build a strong training network.
  • Access to Weapon Retention video visual guide.
  • Providing law enforcement with the newest techniques and training program to safely perform their jobs by building skills and confidence.
  • Seminars and Special events discounts.
  • Special price for resale on Weapon Retention products.
  • Your gym promotion on and social media as an Officially affiliated gym. 
  • Official Affiliated Gym banner.
  • New techniques updates.
  • Be part of the Weapon Retention technique discussion group.

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