Tactical Law Enforcement Jiu-Jitsu LEVEL I


“You can only fight the way you practice” – Musashi

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Protect, Retain, Control, Disarm, Submit, and Restrain.

Professor André Quiles teaches the Tactical Law Enforcement Jiu-Jitsu curriculum himself. A native Brazilian and world-class black belt with extensive experience teaching police officers. 
The Success of this course is not only to teach the main surviving Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques, but also to introduce the defenses against striking and knife in every situation and of course gun retention. The progression of the class is created following the “natural” path of an assault against an Officer (Stand up strike, clinch, take down and ground fight). 
FBI data reveals that 11.9% of police officers – nearly one in eight – were victims of assault while on duty in 2020. A total of 60,105 officers were reported as assault victims, many with guns, knives, and other weapons. (FBI/LEOKA)





Class Performance objectives:
Present a complete Jiu-Jitsu-based ground fighting with striking and knife defenses with a focus on all the basic ground fighting situations. 

Hours:  2 Days course. Total 12 Hours


  • Mats room, PT uniform or athletic clothes, Duty Belt (flashlight, empty mags, cuffs, pen), rubber handgun (blue gun) or similar training pistol. Optional training knife, or similar.


    1. Safety check
    2. Full body mobility stretching
    3. No mechanical device should replace training
    4. The breathing rule (mindset)
    5. Your use of force policy
    6. Handcuffs stage and location (Mindset)
    7. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu makes you look better on camera (mindset)
    8. Safety distance and stance would solve all our problems. WR for 3rd Suspect (mindset)
    9. (Stand up) Guard and how to move
    10. 1, 2, 3, stand up, radio(Not punishment)
    11. (Stand up) The 4 directions breaking fall easy drills 
    12. (Stand up)Technical stand up
    13. (Stand up) Palm in Balance/Retention and disarm (warm-up drill)
    14. (Stand up) Palm into cinturada
    15. (Stand up) Closing the gap to cinturada
    16. Bad positions (mindset)
    17. Front headlock as a take-down/control tool Head lock is not necessarily a choke, and it can be used to drive a suspect to the ground. (Check your department’s policy for vascular carotid restraint) (mindset)
    18. (Stand up) Front Headlock escape
    19. (Stand up) Side Street Headlock escape
    20. (Stand up) Waist control from the back (Bear hug) Level, distance, push
    21. (Stand up) Back Neck Grab from behind (oso) (seoe Level II)
    22. (Bottom Guard) Back Escape
    23. (Bottom Guard) Mata Leao escape
    24. (Bottom Guard) Warm-up drills (Recovery and control fundamental drills)
    25. (Bottom Guard) Open guard against strikes 
    26. (Bottom Guard) Closed striking defenses
    27. (Bottom Guard) (S. Sweep. On the gun grip)
    28. (Bottom Guard) The Kim sweep on (knife fight/Gun grip)
    29. (Bottom Guard) SC to G recovery to open guard, avoiding stabs and strikes/retention, and which side is your gun (escape direction framing, and uppercut holster retention)
    30. (Bottom Side Control) How to SC from the top (WR and Strikes)
    31. (Top Side Control) How to SC from the top
    32. (Top Side Control) Left vs right for disarm/WR
    33. (Top Side Control) Underarm game
    34. (Top Side Control) knee on the belly, and biceps disarming (policy)
    35. (Top) Americana Lock for cops (mindset)
    36. (Top Side Control) Americana from SC vs M for disarming and restraining
    37. (Top NS) hip bone retention to kimura disarming and restraining
    38. (Top Side Control) Knee on belly mounting
    39. (Top Side Control) Double underarm Mount
    40. (Mount) How to control and keep (hooks, low, base, neck pull)
    41. Mount escape trapping (striking, sharp objects, and retention)
    42. Mount escape/butterfly
    43. (Top Guard) Defensive fundamentals trained vs untrained, goal / DBPP (blades, and kicks defense)
    44. (Top Guard) wr and disarm (DBPP, 1arm control pass)
    45. (Top Guard) Knee down pass
    46. D0 Officer B.U. behind
    47. D1 Close the distance and switching spots (Wall fight)
    48. D2 (Guard Strike defenses)
    49. D3 (A pass, 100 modified, mount. B escape from the guard pass, repeat)
    50. D4 SC fighting to get guard (levels of “danger” strikes, WR, stabs, everything)